Inventory of Shared Decision Making Programs for Healthcare Professionals

As a part of the "Effective Continuing Professional Development for Translating Shared Decision Making in Primary Care" project funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, we are pleased to post our inventory of programs and training activities dedicated to shared decision making. This inventory is a detailed list of international training activities from around the world, designed for all kinds of healthcare professionals. The activities teach professionals about shared decision making and help them integrate the approach into their daily practice. The full list of programs is at the bottom of this page. You can also use the search engine at the bottom of the page (e.g. enter author's name, country, clinical setting, language).

This inventory will be updated regularly, so please contact us if you wish to add a program or to share pertinent information. We welcome your comments and will draw on them to improve this website and keep the inventory up-to-date. For more information on the project and our methods, we invite you to read our research protocol, published in Implementation Science. You may also contact us:

France Légaré MD, PhD, CCMF, FCMF

Canada Research Chair in

Shared Decision Making and Knowledge Translation

Université Laval


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List of programs

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